Monday, January 5, 2015

This Crew Doesn't Know What To Do

Adolf will never again fly with any airline domiciled in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Have you noticed the spin about Asian Airlines flight Z8502 ?

It's OK folks, it's not a Malaysian airline it's Indonesian owned.

Well actually it's not.  It sure as hell IS a Malaysian airline, with a seriously dodgy but largely concealed safety record.

Asian Airlines is based in Kuala Lumpa and owned by Malaysians just 49% owned by Indonesian investors.  Of course these little brown bullshit artists hope you'll believe 49% means they own and control the joint.

So there you are.  Next time Air NZ has a fatal crash, all it needs to  do is issue a 'don't worry folks' press release reminding the public that the airline is Australian owned.

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gravedodger said...

Larry P has a post that is a good reason to avoid that mob anywhere anytime.

Engineers give rules for pilots on flying and landing, no wonder the second plane overshot with passengers coming off down the chutes.

Certainly a case of all when and no if