Saturday, January 10, 2015

They who Stand And Do Nothing Are No Better.

I apologise for posting on these matters as I do but I have little desire to desist.

In the aftermath of WW2 many Germans, even up to some of the highest in involvement, claimed to have had no knowledge of the atrocities that were perpetrated by so many in their blind loyalty to herr Schikelgruber.
Of course they knew, at least after Kristallnacht November9/10 1938 as more and more Jews just disappeared.

Full trains heading to Poland and returning empty, the odoriferous stench around the "work" camps, the constant need to add new workers with no expansion of the camps, the activities of the einsatzgruppen, and the constant need for those who witnessed or otherwise came to knowledge of the worst excesses of the Nazi regime to somehow unload the very normal feelings of guilt and psychiatric pressure such atrocities wrought.

All those who knew and did nothing were all enablers while the few such as the White Rose and The Colonels plot, working in isolation were quickly crushed by the overwhelming grip of the gestapo and those Nazis who were more than content to let it all continue by not speaking out allowed the killing machine to wreak its awful work.

All the talk about the millions of Followers of Islam as being peaceful and of no danger to Our Culture and Nationhood are just more enablers.

Christendom is littered with martyrs who on obtaining knowledge and education came to question the overwhelming power of the Church and its clear and obvious excesses in the name of The Faith.
Burnings, drownings, beheadings and just pulling peoples bodies apart were commonplace and until Luther and other enlightened participants found the courage to seek a more acceptable way the "Church" just carried on its murderous path of removing all who questioned or even slightly embarrassed the hierarchy.

So it will be with Islam, faced with moderating moves towards enlightenment and reason will continue to enable the more extreme amongst them to carry out Lone Wolf attacks but in one century or as many as it takes, until a majority of the followers of "The Religion of Peace" in concert force real change and break the power of the Mad Mullahs, it will not happen.
The Millions of peaceful followers are  only enablers for now.

The slaughtered Cartoonists and their fellow workers will be as The White Rose, a footnote in history as some day reason will prevail.

It will be a massive and often bloody work for now as events in France are testimony to.


Chris Bird said...

There is a very good article on Whaleoil this morning with a long video about Islam from Dr Bill Warner which every one of us needs to see. And its a real shame that this type of video is not broadcast to the world showing the history of Islam in the last 1400 years.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yes, it's those who aren't stridently and angrily advocating the forced internment/deportation of an entire religious minority from western countries who are being just like the Germans in WWII. Of course.

gravedodger said...

Confuser, point to where I have ever advocated for mass internment/deportation but I wont hold my breath for a meaningful explanation.

At least should the Caliphate come to these shores your useful idiot status will count for nothing.
Jesus wept the bloody ISIS murderers are turning on many of their fellow followers of Islam for no sane reason.

The Veteran said...

Edward the Confessor ... an apologist for terrorism and terrorists.

Get your head out of the sand and get real.
We're talking about terrorists and not about a religious minority although I guess that's a tad difficult for you to understand ... sigh.

Edward the Confessor said...

"We're talking about terrorists.."

Well then Vet, acts of terrorism are already offences that are very heavily punished, so I think your anger at the scary mooooslems has made you confused.

Gravetodger, you think we're in the middle of an existential struggle with the scary moooooslems. Exactly what is it you are proposing, then? A bit of clarity if you will (change the habit of a lifetime, there's a good chap).

The Veteran said...

EtC ... again you show your ignorance. I have nothing against the 'moooooslems' as you so quaintly put it. I actually spent a fair bit of my life in a Muslim country and was the first 'foreign' student to attend the Malaysian Army Senior Tactics Course at Pusat Latihan Darat Pulada and subsequently served with a Royal Malay Regiment Battalion in northern Malaysia. I suspect I have had more exposure to Islam than most people here. I do not find 'Moooooslems' scary.

What I do find scary is the Radical Jihadists who have perverted that faith. What I also find scary is idiots like you who fail to recognize the paradigm shift that has occurred when you are faced with an enemy who believe that killing westerners guarantees them a one way ticket to paradise.

Just how you arrive at the notion that Radical Jihadists constitute a religious minority has me stumped. They have perverted Islam to their own ends. You denigrate Islam when you refer to 'them' as a religious minority.

Edward the Confessor said...

Sorry Vet, you're just throwing terms around without any definitions or clarity. Not sure if it's anger or fear which is driving your incoherence. Perhaps neither. Are you wanting the West to intern and/or deport terrorists or people who haven't committed any acts of terror? If the latter, which ones in particular?

The Veteran said...

EtC ... leaving aside for the moment your patronizing and sneering attitude as well as you denigration of a religion can I suggest you read carefully and respond intelligently (if you can) to my next post on the subject.

It's a given though that my values aren't your values so we will, no doubt, agree to disagree but do try and not twist my words and ascribe to me something I have never and do not advocate ... eg the internment of a religious minority.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


All you will ever get from trolls is patronizing, sneering and denigration.

'Tis their life blood. 'Tis all they know.

Edward the Confessor said...

This from a guy whose response to the mildest criticism of his views (which include the mass internment,deportation and execution of religious minorities) is to abuse and then censor them. And he even calls himself Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Eddie the Con

Don't bring your trolling bullshit here.

You were banned for your behaviour. No more and no less.

Edward the Confessor said...

Whatever, you're still an idiot proponent of genocide, wanker.