Thursday, January 1, 2015

They Can't Do That Can They?

Trust Harper-Collins,  sure can.

Now I would have thought an atlas, in particular one published by Harper Collins would be an authoritative reference work with a  reputation for accuracy.

Alas not when a major publishing house is searching for acceptance in the wonderful world of Islam.

Whaleoil reveals that in an atlas destined for the countries of the Middle East that follow the religion of peace, the prophet of which was a pedophile and murderer, whose subsequent followers for nearly 1400 years have followed without much discernible alteration, a belief system that includes multiple wives, subjugation of women, child brides, a system of law enforcement that to a westerner seems if not capricious, sexist, arbitrary, avoidable by payment of bribes and particularly brutal and barbaric, evidently the state of Israel does not exist.

Accepting the premise that all of Israel's neighbors both adjacent and more distant have as a basic policy the extinction of the state that was formed out of settlement of displaced and stateless Jews of the twentieth century first under the Balfour Declaration under the League of Nations mandate awarded to The UK in the aftermath of WW1 and the collapse of The Ottoman Empire then legitimised as so often throughout history by conquest, in the uprising and war of independence in 1948, expanded in subsequent wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973 to form the most secular, democratic and advanced nation in the region.

In a foray into the academic reference market of the tumultuous region Harper-Collins have published a work that has absolutely no acknowledgement of the existence of the state of Israel as shown above.
What exists today as the state of Israel, recognised as a nation with a seat in the UN and other world bodies has in one fell swoop of ink been obliterated by territories  of Gaza, Jordan including the West Bank and Lebanon all bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Has such a manipulation of fact been done for reasons of money, cowardice or subservience or do H-C have info not yet revealed that the Arab delusion is about to come to pass and the obliteration of a state of some 8 million souls in an area similar to North Canterbury, has actually happened.

Mind you another edition will be required as "The State Of Palestine"  missed out also, that will need correction but is for now but a Freudian slip as to the ME history of those who believe rewriting history is all that is required to create new truths.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Harpercollins is owned by Rupert Murdock. Looks like he's had a few quiet words.

"A spokesman said: 'HarperCollins regrets the omission of the name Israel from their Collins Middle East Atlas.

'This product has now been removed from sale in all territories and all remaining stock will be pulped. HarperCollins sincerely apologises for this omission and for any offence caused.'


gravedodger said...

I wonder what befell those who perpetrated this "error'?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well if they'd been o the other side it would have been public beheading.