Tuesday, January 20, 2015

These Crazed Morons Really Are Depraved.

I am not anti any religion, I seriously question a lot of the dogma though.
There is a salutary long list of killing, maiming, subjugation and outright slaughter in the name of religion over the centuries

Currently while almost all other religions have accepted learning and cultural growth shows a better way than killing to get the message of hope and salvation out there for the betterment of all, Islam stands condemned. It is locked in stoneage beliefs.

 Islam, it has changed little since a power hungry mad bastard living in the desert found the way to consolidate his power and dominion by employing extreme violence and 1400 years on it is little changed.
Oh it has exchanged camels for four wheel drive utes, Elephants for Tanks left by an  successive inept USA presidents, scimitars for Kalashnikov automatic rifles but culturally and intellectually the followers of The Prophet Muhammad and successive mad Mullahs using totalitarian systems have languished in the depths of depravity begun in the desert all those centuries ago.

In the centuries before the advent of Islam, Persia and the fertile lands of the Euphrates river valley were a cradle of civilisation and in the 1400 years after the bloody uniting of disparate Arab  tribes by the original mad mullah, stagnation, slaughter, mutilation and maiming is the only game in town.

Christendom has a history of supreme mayhem with dissenters and those considered to have deviated from the teachings of the church suffering horrific death and mutilation  using fire, water, and various bits of equipment but thankfully education overcame the dogma and today the biggy punishments are admonishment and or excommunication.

Not so lucky for those who have come under the power of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and those living under the Saudi sponsors of their murderous regime
There are sickening images on the internet of various punishments on charges that would in a modern Christian or secular state be regarded as not even worthy of any punishment.
Two young men accused of homosexual activity were pushed of the highest building in Mosul to die on the pavement four stories down.
Two other young men facing unknown charges paraded through a town lashed to two adjoining steel crosses are then removed from the truck and shot in the head from behind.
A third series of photos in the montage I viewed has a niquab clad woman stoned to death  no charges published.

Then I read of the appalling and very sad slaughter of 13 young men and that prompted this further post on what we will in all likely hood never be told us by our lamestream media.
Their crime in the perverted view of the power crazed leadership of ISIL, watching a tv showing the Asia cup football  game between Iraq and Jordan.
For such a serious crime they were herded before a firing squad and died in a hail of automatic fire.

This is all done in the name of Islam the so called religion of peace that almost all western leaders and almost all media outlets refuse to name as responsible for the ongoing atrocities.

No apologies for posting and no links, they are beyond my sense of decency but it must be told because until the millions of followers of Islam can break the power of the mad mullahs who use idealistic and depraved simpletons to promote their orgy of slaughter in the name of a prophet who still is regarded by the faithful as the only way, the desert cult will continue its murderous way.

The revolution will come but it will be tenuous for some time yet.
One early step is given exposure by The Whale who posts on an Egyption Obstetrician/Gynecologist who converted to Christianity a decade ago and now is leading the way with questions as to what will it take before the world accepts that Islam must change.
However Mark Christian's life will be in serious danger as the mad bastards know they have to kill, threaten and do whatever it takes to prevent such radical thought taking hold among the undoubted peace believing millions whose silent acceptance of the extreme murderous intent of the leadership and their few radicalised  cohorts who have traded their brains for the nefarious promise of 72 virgins, clearly basic maths is not high up in their CVs, leaves the sect condemned in the eyes of a majority of thinking people.
For now.


Edward the Confessor said...

"I am not anti any religion..."

Sure you're not chief:

"Islam stands condemned. It is locked in stoneage beliefs."

"The Prophet Muhammad and successive mad Mullahs using totalitarian systems have languished in the depths of depravity begun in the desert all those centuries ago."

And on and on blah blah. But you're not anti any religion. Oh no.

Anonymous said...

The biggest difference between historic atrocities committed by the Catholic church and 'christian' regimes and Islamic evil is this:

When the Christians were doing it they were acting contrary to the teachings of Jesus. The answer was for the church to realign with the teachings of Jesus (Reformation) and over time the violence died out.

With Islam the violence comes when muslims follow the teachings and actions of muhammad. He lived a life of human butchery and enslavement and his followers do the same.

This is why Islam cannot be moderated or reformed for to do so would be to declare muhammad as a liar or mad and would destroy Islam.

I suspect just like in the time of the Moors they will only be stopped with the sword.