Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Third Way c2015

If the adoption of "the living wage" is such a wonderful thing why don't the proponents accept their nearly always public tit provided income, then donate any sum above the demented padre's arbitrary figure to the state for redistribution to those in want, need, desire or just dreaming without notice or press release.

Good old boy/man Morgan who enjoys all the advantages of his sons undoubted Trademe" success yet bemoans as to how little tax he is required to pay.
Here's a thought Gary just hand it all over to the food banks and see how that works out.

Any further Taxing of the rich will only fall on hard working scrabblers, looking out for their spawn,  doing their very best for their neighbors and community but will have minimal effect on the uber rich.

Who cares if a gap is widening, all that matters is, are those at the bottom better off, when that is analysed fully when compared to NZ c1930, Somalia c 2015 or any of many places where Poverty actually exists, they are almost unbelievably better off in so many ways.
Meanwhile it is reasonable to assume that true poverty levels are reducing throughout the world but it is supposed to be a secret, shhhh.

So come on all you people at the various troughs and that includes you Gary (ta very much BMW) put your money where you want the poor to get at it and leave the nation builders to get on with making NZ richer.


Anonymous said...

I suspect you meant Gareth GD - it would make better sense.

Psycho Milt said...

Please step us through the logical sequence that progresses from "Sam Morgan (or Gareth, it's hard to tell) thinks the tax system should make rich people as well as wage/salary earners pay some income tax" to "therefore Sam/Gareth Morgan should donate his money to charity."

Paulus said...

Gareth I understand made another fortune recently est $50 million (tax free) by selling his book of names to his Kiwisaver management to KiwiBank - our bank.
I believe his investment performance was one of the worst in the business