Saturday, January 10, 2015

Subtle but not even close to accurate.

The ten unarmed innocents slaughtered in the bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo were Murdered plain and simple.
The Killers had no justification for their actions
The two police shot and killed outside during the escape were also murdered doing their sworn duty one of them while wounded disarmed and down on the pavement..
As this tragedy unfolds with the killers allegedly now encircled holding hostages, any further deaths will not involve "executions".
Further deaths will be more murders and or death from police gunshots while resisting arrest, in self defence, collateral deaths or at a stretch willful suicide or maybe actual suicide.

Calling any of the deaths so far or any still to come as this Islamist fueled killing spree unravels, executions, is just further sanitising and ignoring the salient truth of what the people of France are being subjected to.
Terrorism pure and simple to force legitimate authority to accept the will of a few demented and effectively equipped cowards acting under the umbrella of a long failed corrupted ideology' and attempting to thwart people acting within the Laws of The French Nation through fear and intimidation.

Btw to Tinman who asked why no one contributor here had posted the cartoons. please tell me what is to be gained, they have had all the coverage needed, further would not achieve anything.
Otoh maybe you are suggesting shouting fire in a full theatre of screaming jump to a pausing suicide is exercising 'free speech'.

Update!!  While writing that post the NZHerald reports the two Charlie Hebdo murderers and the associated second hostage taker have been killed by French Special forces and all hostages freed unharmed, I guess they meant unwounded might be some psychological issues methinks.

Update two 
Amidst the confusion it could be that the second Hostage situation was more deadly than first reported,
Hostages were killed before the rescue was launched.

Will this lead to a change in attitude from Merkell, Cameron, Obama and other head in the sand cowards intent on legacy and electability, alas I dont think so.


Tinman said...

GD I would have happily accepted your explanation had it just been it's not worth while.

You are not required to show solidarity and I certainly don't wish to dictate No Minister policy.

I used the word "would" because having offered this explanation you then followed up by saying you are scared - of what I'm not completely sure.

Obviously terrorism does work.

The Veteran said...

GD ... sadly there will be some (and we've seen them on this blog and elsewhere already) who will parrot and promote the Derek Fox line that we (the infidels) are the authors of our own misfortune.

That's crap. Those who hold to that view fail to understand that for the Radical Islamist western civilization is the target and any strike against it is a ticket to paradise.

There can be no meeting of the Radical Islamist and western mind over this. Radical Islamists are incapable of rational thought.

The point I make is that the paradigm has changed completely and the norms that govern our society, including the administration of justice, can no longer apply.

Radical Islam far surpasses Ebola as a threat to life as we know it and, just as those with that disease must be quarantined in order to contain and prevent the disease from spreading, so must adherents of that warped ideology be quarantined ... Regulation 18B, 2015 style.

I'm suspect my old mate 'The Realist' would agree in spades. Adrian, perhaps not. Derek Fox ... who cares what he thinks.

gravedodger said...

No argument from me Vet I have abandoned Franklin s edict on those who give up freedom to gain security do not deserve either as we have a far different society today where security by its definition has reduced freedom as freedom is the catalyst that sustains and promotes terrorism.
A lot like chivalry I guess it has become unaffordable.

Mike said...

The simple fact is that the West has tried to appease Islamists by appealing to their better nature whereas the better strategy would be to kill as many as possible. Another stategy would be to sew the dead Muslims in pigskins and bury them in places unknown.

The Realist said...

Mike is 100% correct. We are much too soft. Our flabby attitude will cost us our lives. Kill the bastsrds.

Edward the Confessor said...

You keyboard Breiviks are hilarious. KILL, KILL!!! GRRRR.

Psycho Milt said...

Yes. Hopefully at least some of the current government's excessive devotion to surveillance is being directed at monitoring extremists like Mike and The Realist.