Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Still Not Perfect.


The Indian Cricket team in Australia have refused to have the DRS review system for the current tour  of The West Isle and outcomes have reinforced the in/out nature of dismissals, both with DRS and without but over all an improved accuracy

Sri Lanka might just be rueing giving their consent for its use on their current tour here,  in particular with the result for Sangakkara, given not out for a waft outside off, Keeper Wattling no emotion other than relief at safely gloving the ball on the move, belated and less than convincing response from a packed slip field but to be fair a very animated Trent Boult, Ump says not out then third with very convincing Snikko, but no hot spot or deviation, overuled and an understandably chagrined Sangakkara had to depart.

Had he stayed it was a test destined to possibly require a photo finish at around 1745, now at nearly 5 an over it seems to be destined for a draw.

Whatever, the golden run for NZC rolls on as win lose or draw this evening this test along with so much since that debacle at Capetown when a first innings of just 45 ensured a heavy defeat McCallum's men have performed with almost unbelievable distinction.
That Williamson / Wattling Pship that propelled them to the top of the alltime sixth wicket stand in which the ran down Bradman and Fingleton then one of our own was awesome, to use a much overused descriptive.

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