Friday, January 30, 2015


It is being reported that Russell Norman is about to announce his resignation as co-leader of the Greens.

Gueez, for all his faults (and there are many) he stands head and shoulders over the Gucci sheila.

Seems like changing leaders is in vogue for the opposition parties; yesterday Cunliffe, today Norman, tomorrow Peters?

update .... confirmed.   He will however stay on as a List MP ... funny that!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He is the most effective member they have. The fat sheila will ensure the party's continued decline.

And as for Kevin Vague.......???

pdm said...

Big carbon footprint coming up as Hughes, Hague and Graham vie to replace Norman.

Noel said...

On the plus side he hasn't yet forced a taxpayer spend on a bye election.

Dennis Frank said...

The media all reporting it as a major blow to the Green Party - clueless as usual. It's the best thing that's happened since they lifted to 10% three years ago. Time for the GP to restore authenticity by returning to the original political stance of the global green movement (early '80s: neither left nor right, but in front).

Russel was from Oz: selecting him as leader was a vote of no-confidence in the male kiwi green contenders. He was also a marxist: anyone who thinks someone with their head in a 19th century belief system is suitable as leader of a 21st century political party intent on saving the world is clearly a moron.

We need someone sufficiently adept to extricate the GP from the liberal-socialist ghetto & provide a positive alternative to the status quo. James Shaw seems the likeliest currently. My experience of the divide between the GP & the greens is detaile here

Noel said...

"The fat sheila will ensure the party's continued decline."

So the have declined eh?
7.0, 5.3, 6.7, 11.1. 10.7 are the percentages for the last 5 elections.
Whilst they didn't achieve the threshold they were wanting those percentages don't support your assertion. Not unexpected though.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

11.1 to 10.7 ain't exactly upward.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... List MPs don't rate by-elections. They come and go as they please and you have no say in the matter ... and that's something to be applauded?

Psycho Milt said...

11.1 to 10.7 ain't exactly upward.

Hmm, yes that is a fall of 0.4% of the vote share from 2011 to 2014. I guess it is a slightly worse performance than National, which fell by only 0.28%.

Noel said...

"I guess it is a slightly worse performance than National, which fell by only 0.28%."

Aw gee National in decline too.

Which "fat shelia" is responsible for that?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... no 'sheila' but a dingbat called Colin Craig.

The Veteran said...

Very interesting article by Fran O'Sullivan in the Royal New Zealand Herald suggesting that if the Greens are to make progress then the 'sheila' should go too ... link is (cut and paste)

Interesting that the article also asserts that Turei called John Key a "ignorant, uneducated Pakeha" .... something a person now banned from this blog called me out on.