Friday, January 2, 2015

Rude Cow.

A couple of days ago I did a mercy relief run to the local resort store for milk, and it was packed.

The proprietor was having energy problems that resulted in one of her data terminals crashing and requested those requiring grocery items to go to the Bar area where the terminal was still functioning.

Within moments a queue formed of some twenty plus patient souls when a young madam, est 20 something came through from the shop and immediately stepped in beside the person using the terminal for attention.

Upon my suggesting she might be pushing in, she adopted an air of disdain as if I had Dog excrement on my shoe and continued to demand service unimpeded.

My amazement and dismay was palpable yet she was so certain that her actions were completely warranted and she has no idea how close she came to being bumped off the top step by a pensioner losing his balance.

Entitled, disrespectful and rude and sadly the assistant serving her didn't give a rats posterior either.


Noel said...

AW come on she's the me generation.
I'm guessing you were post WWII which would make you the bully generation.
Gee yah both living up to expectations.

The Veteran said...

Never thought of the 'baby boomers' as the 'bully' generation. How then would you define your mob?

Noel said...

Sorry should have said the born during WWII generation.
Baby boomers were from 1946 to 1964. But there were sub cultures within in it.
Mine was the "I'm sick of the having to say Sir to people who don't deserve it but not so selfish that my wants should be greater than others."

gravedodger said...

Quelle Surprise Noel I turned up 72 years ago today and Herr Schikelgruber gave up pretty much at the same time, although it took another 28 months for it to sink in.

So you see it was us who saved the whole damn world with a bit of help from Uncle Sam and a few Million dead Ruskies.

We were the grateful generation and that young madam was still just a very rude inconsiderate arrogant disrespectful bitch and what really gives me concern for where the nation is headed, she will wake up in forty/fifty years time and wonder why no body actually cares what happens to her or even if she actually matters any more.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Happy birthday GD!

The Veteran said...

Noel .... Hmmmmmmmmm, that tells me something.

Actually reminds me of RSM Ronald Britton, Coldstream Guards, at the Royal Military College Sandhurst when addressing 'Gentlemen' Cadets on their first day said .... You call me Sir and I'll call you Sir and the only difference is that you will mean it.

gravedodger said...

Ta very much Adolf twas truly a gr8 1 here on the shore of Rotoiti near Okere Falls wif swmbo 2 daughters one partner and his olds on a glorious day.

Seems you are having tortuous times for sure, made the 0600 news this AM with Wetheral suggesting some have a decision to stay or leave 2 make.
Kind wishes 4 sure.