Friday, January 23, 2015

RMA, tinkering probably, fixed Nah

Under pressure from the seemingly inexorable creep in house prices, particularly in the country's biggest metropolis, The National Government has, via its "Bluegreen" Token, promulgated a revamp of an Act that has as many detrimental facets as beneficial ones.

In my always humble opinion there is a massive problem that continually arises in the well intentioned bit of the socialist created manipulative roadblock to much of the entrepreneurial spirit that has largely built this nation.

Endless and expensive legal wrangling that often turns on capricious and mindless interference with minimal involvement of environmental or socially damaging effects on those with skin in the immediate game.
All too often this bit of legislation is used for commercial, political, or personal advantage and I have never any seen such arrant nonsense challenged by those charged with the administration of the Act apart from a few totally ignored submissions of the advocates for the helpless trying to progress their lives on land they consider they have pretty exclusive historical rights to.

A supermarket already in place uses the Act to prevent a competitor establishing in the vicinity as happened in the North Shore in a drawn out legal process
A land owner wishing to build a new dwelling on his farm ending up thwarted by people living many miles away and in all probability never going anywhere even close to the isolated place intended to be built on.

The media parade a seemingly endless list of hearings that all too often are instigated and delivered pro bono by politically motivated dogma driven acolytes in pursuit of a manifesto as much about political advancement as any concern with the lofty ideals that accompanied the introduction of Palmer's auxiliary handbrake.

As the Act has become embedded, its large pile of bureaucratic palaver created by Councillors and bureaucrats with minimal or zero grasp of how the real world works within the commercial constraints and apparently have no concerns for the additional costs that are inevitably incurred as it is never "Their" money being used to fund the process. It comes from that arms length endless source,  the poor ratepayers and property owners also paying through their rates to confront them.

In all probability, all hapless Nick Smith will achieve, will turn out to be just further opportunity for the legal vultures sitting on the nearby fence, erected without the intervention of the RMA,  awaiting the next opportunity to make hay whether the sun shines or doesn't.


The Veteran said...

The RMA is a complex piece of legislation which spawned a whole new generation of bureaucrats who dedicate their lives to making the 'boat go slower'. For all his many attributes Sir Geoffrey Palmer could never be described as a 'practical' person.
For him it was the concept rather than the outcome that mattered.

For all its faults the Town & Country Planning Act which preceded the RMA at least provided a basic framework which Councils, if they were of a mind to, could make it work to the benefit of the community. Critics will say it was short on environmental protection. Supporters will say tosh. At least it was understandable to the informed layman. The RMA is certainly not.

I support the RMA reforms. It is broken. Let's fix it.

pdm said...

Reform is what is required though - not tinkering. I heard Nick Smith yesterday saying he is willing to accept input from other parliamentary parties.

If he does that all we will is tinkering - unfortunately.

pdm said...

Oops - last sentence

.......all we will get is tinkering.......

The Veteran said...

pdm ... I suspect you need to make the gesture but when push comes to shove the government has the numbers to make it happen. If anyone thinks the Greens and Green Labour will agree to anything but cosmetic changes then clearly they also believe in Mr Claus.

Government has the mandate to make it happen and if the Maori Party and Peter Dunn want to inside the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in then they know what they need to do.