Monday, January 12, 2015

Open House

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Three young German tourists had all their belongings stolen from their car in Auckland.

Here's the stand out quote frm the report on Stuff.

"Yarrow said the police were too busy to attend the incident so he drove the girls to the nearest police station."

Apparently they are too busy harassing Uber taxi drivers.

What with Uber and the futile 'no tolerance' camaign, the coppers are burning public esteem at an unsustainable rate.

The Minister needs to speak sternly to the Commissioner because it is the Gummint which will cop the blame.

Tinman said...

The government will cop the blame - that is how it should be.

Of course the fact that the police were simply enforcing the law and traffic-type police and taxi compliance-type police would never have attended a theft incident might suggest that correlation of the two events may be non-existent but there is no doubt the gummint will cop the blame.

JC said...

"there is no doubt the gummint will cop the blame."

And so it should because of the tecnical issues involved.

In the case of the 101km rule the cops jeeringly agree that car speedos cannot be so precise and they wont accept GIS as a defence, ie, they win regardless of being right or wrong.

In the case of new drink laws they tell motorists that kits designed to test breath alcohol are unreliable, that even their $900 breathalysers are arbitrary and that only a $12,000 machine at HQ can determine the outcome.. beating us with price.

With Uber, its a civil matter with no road safety implications beyond normal taxi operation. They have simply taken a political and possibly commercial stance (kickbacks from the legacy taxi companies).

For some reason the cops want the 80-90% of responsible drivers to be afraid of them.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Minister appears to be awake, having ordered an inquiry into the speed tolerance debacle.