Friday, January 23, 2015


Just before 11.00am today I was in central Hastings and noticed a mongrel mob member sitting in his car in the first car park on the left from the railway crossing (town clock) in Heretaunga Street East. The meter was expired. At the same time as I saw him a Parking Warden came into view and walked past this car completely ignoring it and the expired meter - obviusly he preferred easier targets.


alwyn said...

I think you will find that traffic wardens everywhere will ignore cars with people sitting in them. The ones in Wellington certainly do and won't even chalk a tire on such a vehicle.
I suspect it is deliberately done to avoid confrontations with members of the public, and has nothing to do with the person being a gang member.

pdm said...

Maybe Alwyn but I am sceptical.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It helps to understand that a vehicle with a person sitting in the driver's seat is standing, not parked. That's why they are not ticketed.

The Veteran said...

What really gets up my goat is fit/healthy people parking in spaces reserved for the disabled. No disability stickers, nothing ... and it seems all factions of society indulge in this.

If I saw someone 'chalking' such a vehicle then I would develop Nelson's eye.

Nookin said...

That may be the practice but not the law.
Here is the definition of "parking" in the Traffic Regs

Parking means—
(a) In relation to any portion of a road where parking is for the time being governed by the location of parking meters placed pursuant to a bylaw of a local authority, the stopping or standing of a vehicle on that portion of the road for any period exceeding 5 minutes:

[(b) In relation to any other portion of a road, the stopping or standing of a vehicle (other than a vehicle picking up or setting down passengers in a restricted parking area, and entitled to do so) on that portion of the road;—]
and park has a corresponding meaning:"