Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nothing New But Despicable Always

Detective Sergeant Ross Tarawhiti describes it "as a troubling trend".

It is just one opportunity the scum use.

I drew the short straw in 1962 and stood guard over a rural house while a mate married the daughter at a local church before returning to the farm homestead for the reception.

What Tarawhiti was alluding to is an outbreak of lowlifes burgling homes while the grieving family are attending the last farewell of a loved one in Christchurch.

His suggestion is to omit addresses from death notices, gee serge that will work a treat, they might be low life scum but it is entirely possible one of them has the ability to use the freakin phone book or electoral rolls to do the match.
Perhaps a plod sitting in a car at the gate might be a better option for the couple of hours involved working the laptop and smart phone on the admin tasks we hear so much about.

Of course that has the risk of the burgs suggesting they take the tv and computor while the plainclothes checks out the bedroom for the jewels and cash.

Cripes Ross how many funerals are there on any given day before you strike paydirt, but then it will only be a minor hiccup to the scurrilous opportunist anti social victimisation of the grieving.
The dead one is finished with whatever is removed eh.

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