Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So there I was at 'tea' on Monday with NZL 5 down in their second innings, with Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum both  gone, and close on 100 runs still behind Sri Lanka's first innings total and I said to myself that a result was all but guaranteed.

Which only goes to show how wrong you can be even when you're right.

Well done to Brendon and the boys with a special acknowledgement to Kane Williamson and BJ Watling.


Tinman said...

Veteran, I agree with your expressed sentiment but on my planet your first sentence did not happen.

Here NZ was 135 behind on the first innings and lost their fourth second innings wicket at 122, 13 runs away from making NZ bat again.

They lost their fifth wicket at 159 and lost no more until the declaration a world record 365 runs later.

The Veteran said...

Tinman ... happy to stand corrected.

Monday was an interesting day for me as I came in with 48 stablefords at golf with a net 60 and that, coupled with the high temps on the course at Waitangi, meant I got home just a tad 'light headed' (or whatever).

My post was based on a clearly quite confused recollection but the sentiment remains.

Tinman said...

Veteran, I have no idea what "stablefords" are but it sounds like you did well.


I understand the "light headed" bit having found myself that way a few times over the years.

pdm said...

48 stableford points suggests `burglar'.

Fortunately for NZ their two most disciplined batsmen - Williamson and Watling - came together and showed the flash harrys how test innings should be played.

This test had three innings of the highest test quality from the aforementioned Williamson and Watling plus of course the outstanding Sangakarra.

Anonymous said...

If it was against Pakistan, you'd be wondering about the bookies ...