Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I see the Royal New Zealand Herald (that was) ran a story about John Key's son Max supposedly having a round of golf with a suspected felon that later turned out to be a teenage hoax.    OK, it's the holiday season and they need to fill column inches but I hold very strongly to the view that the families and rellies of politicians should be off limits to the media.

I don't care a stuff that Stephanie Key covers herself with vegetables and cream and calls it art.   I will judge John Key for what he does and doesn't do.

I don't care a stuff that that Labour's front bencher Nanaia Mahuta is the aunt of Kototangi Paki, the second son of the so called Maori King, convicted of drink driving, two counts of burglary and one of theft..   I will judge Naina Mahuta for what she does or doesn't do.

I don't care a stuff that Winston First's Ron Mark's brother is a patched member of a gang that has criminal connections.  I will judge Ron Mark for what he does or doesn't do.

I don't care a stuff that the Green's Kennedy Graham is the brother of Sir Douglas Graham, convicted of making false statements in the Lombard Company prospectus.   I will judge Kennedy Graham for what he does or doesn't do.

What family members or rellies of politicians do is of no interest to me.   Media interviewing their typewriters is no substitute for real investigative journalism.


Jamie said...

I know I'm banned from here but ya goddam right!!!

Anonymous said...

This non-story was tweeted by a so-called political "journalist" as part of the ongoing smear the Key family campaign. Her infantile wish to do so says more about her stupidity than anyone else. Silly tart!