Thursday, January 22, 2015

Does It Matter ?

The rich are getting richer, so what.

The poor are getting richer as well, good.

The only poverty, is of spirit, aspiration and success, certainly.

After the first gazillion what does it matter how much more the 1% have than the mean , zero, a great big fat one.

Will the uber rich be captured by envy taxes, nope.

Who then, will be dispossessed by envy taxes, simply all those making their way down struggle street and getting fleeced by the "crats" at every  turn;
GST, Rates (including more GST), rubbish charges, water charges, Vehicle regos, ACC levies, Income tax, Parking Fees and fines, Road Tolls, Consent fees, fishing licences, Fuel  taxes, Road User charges, airport departure taxes, etc.

And it has been that way since, forever.


Noel said...

What were the figures for that 1 percent at the top. They have wealth equivalent to hundreds of billions at the bottom?
Maggie's belief aint supported.

Noel said...

Sorry it is 3.5 billion not hundreds.
Doesn't matter Maggie got it wrong.

Anonymous said...