Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Death of The Media

Australia's ABC has long been a nest of socialist vipers, with all it's prime time political and current affairs programmes hosted by lefties.  Last year tax payers gave it $1.2bil and in return the ABC  mounted the most egregious campaign to damage Australia's relationship with Indonesia in an attempt to thwart the Abbot gummint's efforts to turn back the boatloads of illegal immigrants flooding in from that country.

Today, Adolf sees the ABC has got its comeuppance.

The viewers are deserting it in droves.

Welcome to the club ABC.  APN, Fairfax, NYT can all tell you what happens when you alienate half of your potential customers.

"The main commercial networks managed to hold on to their audiences despite introducing programming cost cuts greater than the efficiency cuts of the government. The government has not demanded programming cuts at the ABC."

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Ray said...

Lots of call at the "Bomber's" blog and at the "Standard" for Public (real world lefty) broad casting here
Talk about the 3% running the world!
Also more worrying, calls for utu against any journalist who dares point out any left stupidity