Friday, January 9, 2015

Criminally Brainless

According to the Greens, South Australia's bush fires were caused by Global Warming.  (Apparently the dickhead who lit up an incinerator in 44 degree heat had nothing to do with it.)

Fact is, the bush fires were made catastrophic by the concurrence of an accumulation of available fuel, high winds and high temperatures.  They were caused by aforementioned dickhead.
 Of the three contributors, man can control only one, the accumulation of heavy fuel loads.  This control is achieved by 'controlled burning' in cool months.

Guess who opposes controlled burning?

The Greens.

Because some poor little Hairy Arsed Wombat might get its nose burnt.

These are the same Greens who infiltrated councils in Victoria and introduced bylaws requiring trees to be planted close to houses on lifestyle blocks.  When those trees burned a few years ago, 141 people died.


JC said...

When the pioneers first arrived in Australia they remarked on the "Little England" aspect of the land which they compared to the great English estates that were and remain "park like". You could travel very long distances with a horse and carriage without sticking to prepared routes on a land with much grass and copses of trees.

That of course was the result of 30,000 years of controlled burning by the Aborigines where they managed the land by fire to create access, hunting areas, medicinal plants and.. dare I say it.. a better appreciation of what a landscape should look like compared to a modern Green.

I cant find the original data I had from my old notes on fire management but here's the proof of what I say..

Back in 1994 I was traveling back from Oberon to Sydney with some Aussie forestry clients and they asked me what I thought of the bush on the sides of the highway and I said something like they were running a suicidal policy in allowing the bush to go rampant.. boy did they go off the greenie policies they were stuck with!

Years earlier I had attended one of the Black Friday debriefs and was well able to see the connection between poor bush maintenance and the inevitable tragedies that would recur.

Aussie greens have blood and burnt flesh on their hands and there should be any number of class actions against legislators who persist with their murderous bush policies.


Chris Bird said...

We were in Northern Territory and top of WA in July on a farming tour. Saw evidence of many fires up there. The comment from the guide and farmers in the area was that the burns were for protection reasons, burning in the cooler months to reduce the fuel loading.
When they burn in winter it is called a cool fire which doesn't burn plant roots so regeneration is quick, especially if done just prior to the wet.
But if burnt in the heat the fires burn everything including the roots of grasses and trees and then nothing survives.

The Veteran said...

Howard ... what the 'F' are you on about?