Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At Least Some still Have Testicles

The publishers of satirical French magazine that suffered the terrorist attack on it's offices that saw ten staff slaughtered by demented so called followers of Islam along with two police officers ironically one also a follower of Islam, have defiantly published on schedule the next copy with another glimpse of the pedophile prophet as an image on the front page.

The front cover of Charlie Hebdo

"All is forgiven"  and "I Am Charlie".

What a contrast to the emasculated gormless pricks who are no more than appeasers.

A few observations.
I can accept, although am still mystified myself, that for a follower to make fun of a figure from the annals of the origins of their faith could be ruled blasphemous but non adherents, why.
There is absolutely no racism in such acts as Islam is supposedly a religion and unlike Judaism where to be one of the faithful has a bloodline requirement. Hells bells Moslems recruit from our prisons some of our rather rejected of society as converts and one wonders why they are an attraction.
A "faith" that not only enslaves women and denies them any education opportunities for genuine advancement not only subjects those born without a penis to a completelysubserviant and denigrating position in their antiquated law, but pursues other apparent followers of the 'faith' deemed to be unworthy in the eyes of the controller of the armed force in the ascendant.
A religious entity that has splintered just as Christendom has but appears to have avoided for the 1400 years of it's existence to make any moves to reconciliation or  accommodation of the various sub-sects.
Until the masses who do have some claim to be peace loving and without any desire to kill or enslave all who do not fit the current image of the true faithful, can influence the leadership, both religious and military to move to modernise and get along with those of the faith deemed to have detoured and the infidels of other faiths then claims by Merkel, Obama, Cameron and co are just fuelling the aims of Islam that are definitely not peaceful.

It is not "hate speech", nor is it racism, and it is not blasphemy, it is satire you humorless idiots so just take a long hard look at your selves.
What Judaism has endured for a lot longer, than the followers of a power crazed chap with strange ideas on how society exists, is so much more extreme, so build a bridge and get over it then perhaps that wonderful civilisation that existed  prior to the suffocating efforts of the pedophile prophet might be  restored to its rightful place in the history of open minded people today.


Anonymous said...

Good post GD. Islam as a religion has a depth of philosophical meaning similar to a driveway puddle.

The way muslims treat the quaran is akin to talking to a mentally disturbed individual recording his replies and then proclaiming those words as irrevocable truth. (I know I've had to transport 1 guy who talked normal and then would branch off into spouting how he was Jesus and aliens are with us and other odd words)

Oh and 1 small correction - Judaism does accept converts. You don't have to be of blood to become a Jew but its not that common.


The Veteran said...

GD ... let those who have ears, let them hear; to those that can read, let them read.

But it won't make a tad of difference. To the Muslim Jihadist it's the killing of the infidel (or even a 'believer' who doesn't accept their warped view) that gets them to paradise.

Edward the Confessor said...

"let those who have ears, let them hear; to those that can read, let them read."

How very Zen, Grasshopper. WTF is Gravetodger on about though? He simply dribbles incoherently for 300 words and pushes upload. I've eaten alphabet soup and had dumps that read better. I get he's vewy vewy angry though.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

These leftie trolls are amazing. This one actually reads his own shit before pulling the chain.

Edward the Confessor said...

You don't though do you, Adolt? You simply upload it to No MInister.