Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Blame Rodney Hide?

The Auckland Super City is an out of control megalomaniacs dream and a ratepayers nightmare.

Suddenly after four years of inept oversight and a seriously dysfunctional governance delivery, rates for many are well ahead of inflation by up to 40% for some, while base services are being slashed or brought under user pays and a narcissistic Mayor continues his path to disaster apparently unimpeded.

There is little wrong with the structures Hide planned to circumvent cost duplication and small minded planning of the component councils, except a politically naive and ignorant electorate gave their votes to a halfwit who was totally out of his depth in the Manakau council pre super city and the ACC gave him the opportunity to expand his socialist solutions tinged with the obfuscation and mafia style governance process to hijack the city to his benefit, both personal and political.

Hide's plan was predicated on the clear basis the Mayor and Council would work from a philosophy of civic service to work with funders to build a city to be proud of. Sadly the result was merely  to build a narcissists dream job.

Mayor Brown's expansion of the bureaucracy and personal fiefdom power base is crippling any possible savings while an ideological and completely  insane desire to embrace nineteenth century rail as an answer to a growing traffic suffocation consumes money at alarming pace.
Current interest costs for the ACC is running at a million bucks a day and no  prospect for relief on the horizon

It is not Rodneys fault people it is the voting public.
Many who will pay nothing towards PDB's spendathon voted for him for no other reason than he gained the socialists nomination.
While far too many who are now being screwed didn't even bother to vote.

Put simply you get the governance you deserve and what should have produced an opportunity to grow a city to be envied,  is smothered in socialist claptrap and incompetence.

After observing the success commissioners made to regional local government here in Canterbury with sane progress in most facets, maybe the Key Government should consider a similar solution to the Brown Stuff that is smothering our largest city.


Barry said...

Is it correct to blame Hide for the existence of the Independent Maori Statutory Board?

gravedodger said...

@ Barry, providing for an option without mandating it is not Rodney's fault.
I am not so bigoted to suggest there is no situation where an ethnic advisory process may not be reasonable.
That Pants down chose to seek support from a bunch who saw an opportunity to indulge in porcine behavior is just so PDB and troughing 101.

Barry said...

Thank you, gravedodger.

Adrian said...

Democracy really sucks, eh?