Thursday, December 25, 2014

What Utter Tosh, Stuff Plunges To Record Depths.

Absolutely no surprise no one put their name to it.

After telling self, no posts other than the best wishes one below, I then go to Stuff and find the garbage header listing three who made a positive difference in 2014 (then put up four), plus seven who could have and didn't, I found myself exercised at anyone actually believing such garbage to the point of publishing.

After their resident 'gutter snipe scribe' acting all damaged and hurt over an alleged transgression of her "Privacy", the Stuff scribbler opens with number one besty for 2014 as Hagar the Horrible who inspite of some seriously assisted and probably financed hacking of emails, selectively published  a stapled toilet paper emergency reserve, all entirely based on what Vance and her enablers saw as a terrible affront to their import from the widely discredited and now vanquished News Of The World, "HACKING"
This alleged winner was the scurrilous muck raker posing as a serious investigative author who in concert with persons as yet not publicly outed, attempted, by suggesting the current government was all alone in employing dirty politics as election tactics, in a vain attempt to influence the general election.
 Thankfully a much more discerning public than that which the fraud supposed existed, turned the whole charade on its arse and came very close to giving Key and his Nat mates an almost unthinkable clear majority under our flawed MMP system but certainly a clear mandate for a third term.

And one of this nations two largest print media to publish such tosh as end of year news summary???

So which is it Stuff,  is Hacking right or wrong, or is it an increasingly accepted truism that it is OK when the socialists do it.

Number three besty was however a worthy nominee as one who stood up to those who would take cowardly advantage of our pathetic official response to random thuggery, when she, Lucy Knight almost gave her life to thwart a bag snatcher, the perpetrator of which crime will be out and about doing what he does best, preying on the weak and the vulnerable.

Further evidence of the extremely low quality of the oped came with the open attack on two of the three radio jocks that imho show some  talents, Hosking and Henry, in the list of  seven who failed.
To select those two from the phalanx of mediocrity that passes for news reporters and purveyors was as damaging to the credibility of the whole wast of trees, ink and radio spectrum as the choice of number one besty.

Update, an email of inquiry to Stuff Editor Patrick Crewdson  elicited a response that he was out of the office until January 20th 2015, so that management role is apparently on hold until then, pffft.

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Anonymous said...

Had to be a Greeny. They are the ones who think like this. disgraceful effort from a newspaper.