Friday, December 26, 2014

Well It Slipped Past Me Anyway?

Way back on December the 12th, an incident with ramifications for the MSM played out in a Palmerston North Court.

A male facing charges of possessing objectionable material appeared again in a protracted three year dance of the desperate, now electing trial by jury.

Before Justice Stephanie Edwards the perp who had enjoyed the anonymity of a succession of rolled over interim name suppression orders, applied through his counsel for a more permanent order.

Claiming without any evidence, that his 'client' suffered various degrees of distress over being outed publicly,  legal eagle, one Fergus Steedman submitted a major driver in the wish to tighten the suppression order was because the popular, widely read, leading NZ blog, Whaleoilbeefhooked would in all likelihood publish the perps name.

Now we can only speculate as to what truth might lie behind the pondscum's fear of exposure but for me it is without doubt Cam Slater would not accord any preference based on who it was, as he shares my utter contempt of such criminal offending.

The point of this missive is that in specifically citing Slaters blog as a point of dissemination to be feared and at the same time respected for its impact, signifies a growing acceptance that the declining aura of the old media is certainly losing its ivory tower image and new media as represented by The Whale is on the rise.
Certainly Judge Edwards must think so as she agreed to tighten the suppression order as requested on those grounds.

NewstalkZB overnight host Tim Beveridge is risking his career as he gave oxygen to this matter  in making complementary comments on Cameron Slater's blog in this matter and not following the slavish denigration of so many of his colleagues.

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