Monday, December 1, 2014

Totally No Need To Ask.

While the socialists are shilling in concert that John Key "must cease all contact with Cameron Slater"  there is absolutely no reason to question if the Labour and Greens are having any contact with The Standard or The Daily Blog.

For starters those two oh so reputable blogs operate only in the purest form of public interest.

The fact that one of the truly ghastly bastards Martin Martyn Bradbury is at TDB and Gregg Pressland and Lyn Prentice are at TS are of no consequence as they are upstanding persons and have no content on their pathetic imitations of Whaleoil that could ever be described as TOXIC.
That they are also involved in the very backrooms that sustain the socialists is also of no moment. In fact Pressland is so embedded he was the legal mind at the center of Mr c's now infamous trust funding for his auspicious and successful tilt at the NZLP leadership when the current leadership contest abortion had its first outing in September 2013 just over one year ago.
Seems ancient times now eh.

Of course there is no need for arms length contact by way of txting as they are in a far more intimate connectivity ie armpit to sweaty armpit.

Some day when such irrelevancy matters no more the MSM might acknowledge such close relationships but for now it is absolutely without question that Key alone should cease all contact with Slater and his toxic blog forthwith.

The lazy incompetent pricks will not say why so here it is in brief.
Cameron Slater and his 'toxic blog' have unparalleled access to so many more providers and consumers of political content than all the other lamestream media totalled.
He is also threatening to launch a right of center news service that has a potential to decimate revenue for electronic and print media when the truth around who is really listening is revealed.
It is well documented that APN and Fairfax are seriously in decline as to true circulation and the empty vassals that inhabit radio and TV for political content are also in decline.
Hence the rabid and concerted attempts to destroy Slater on his airfield before takeoff, aided and abetted by the print union numpties who produce so much of the garbage that masquerades as media  content in matters political.

Good luck with that.

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