Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That spoilt things somewhat.

Listening to NewstalkZB overnight, a promo came on for 'Rach' who will 'return from the beach soon' and resume the 50 or so wasted minutes after the weekday 0500 news under the sponsorship of KPMG.

Now I don't know if anyone from that august business ever hears the vacuous, vapid hard left efforts of the simple blonde who was forced to make a crocodile tear laden apology for her "lardo heifer" comment when she thought the mic was off but I have suggested to KPMG she is not a good  fit for  the demographic of their corporate image.

Having no idea who writes her garbage that it is inaccurate , shallow and totally removed from the facts as published elsewhere it remains a mystery as to how she continues.
She could have been standing shoulder to shoulder with 'Katie Bradford' complaining that it mattered little what "they" did, it seemed to have no impact on the polls in the leadup to the September 20 election.

Soon on weekdays 0510 will again be a great time to ablute, put a cake in the oven, do some laundry, ironing or any other productive activity before the real world returns at 0559 hrs.

In the meantime just being reminded the bimbo is scheduled to return was enough to spoil an otherwise great day emerging on the shores of Lake Rotoiti.


Anonymous said...

FUCK you seem like a dipshit poor mans cam slater,get out more leave the toilet,i like her show, fuck dipshit do we want keyds happy pasts or HUNG LEFT WINGERS you dumb fuckwit rightwinger

Gavin said...

Well!!! I think that says a lot about you Anonymous, I doubt that someone who writes like you would even be up at that time in the morning. :-)

gravedodger said...

@ Gavin, plus one.
Methinks anonymouse gets all he needs to know about the world from her lightweight personal promotion 50 minutes of socialist claptrap.
NCEA english for sure as a bonus.

Get out more !!! recent travels include Christchurch, Kaikoura, Blenheim, Wellington, Napier Hastings, Rotorua and yesterday Tauranga???

Shane Ponting said...

GD I concur, although hearing her when I wake up does have one small benefit - I get the hell out of bed and limit the exposure. No chance of sleeping in.