Thursday, December 4, 2014

That Is Not What Parliamentary Privilege is For, Parker.

On Wednesdays in the NZ Parliament, after Questions for Oral Answer, there is set down a general debate where 12 speakers have five minutes each to speak on any subject they choose.
It often kicks off with prominent speakers from the parties indulging in some very hard hitting and enlightening efforts and as  the list lengthens hobbyhorses can become the motivation.

Yesterday David Failure Parker used the opportunity to make scurrilous and unsubstantiated personal attacks on some of those involved in the now discredited allegations of interfering with Adam Feeley's SFO investigation of Hanover Finance and the collapse of that company.
I add  Failure to Scroat Parkers name for the very good reason his entire public life is littered with failures.
He was elected to the now gone seat of Otago in the 2002 election by defeating Gavan Herlihy in the Blingesh 21% disaster, but had his arse handed to him by Jacqui Dean three years later when his true worth was revealed to the voters, then Jacqui smashed the pathetic excuse for a candidate in 2008 in the new electorate entity of Waitaki by 11000 votes
In the meantime there were contretemps with a business partner in a development, the partner in dire financial strife and some serious malfunctions in complying with the companies office reporting  that had a man trained in law and commerce in breach of statutes.
This mess grew, or should that be sank, to a point where Helen Clark was forced to stand the loser down from cabinet and we all know how serious things had to get for that sort of sanction to apply.

Well good old loser Parker then moved north and subsequently, while offering consolation to a socialist mate Chris Knox, a muso, who had been  struck down by a stroke, gave the seriously disabled mate the ultimate kick in the gonads.
Loser Parker's idea of helping a mate in time of trouble was to take over his missus  to relieve Knox of that commitment.

There is much more I could add to Parker's singular ability to shit in his nest around a succession of failed leadership conniptions and issues of "Loyalty" within the Labour Cabal and by now you should have an idea he is a thoroughly nasty bastard but yesterday he plunged to new lows in the Wednesday General Debate.
In yet another serious bit of evidence that "Dirty Politics" is not the preserve of the National Party, the scurrilous, pathetic, loser proceeded to make a series of unfounded allegations, many of which the gutless bastard would never make outside the house, around matters pertaining to the collapse of Hanover Finance.

That Mr David Parker, you grubby little loser, is not why Parliament has a system of privilege that allows MPs to speak freely.

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Paulus said...

He is spineless gutless little Git with the morals of a feral cat.
Go on Nosy be a man and front up outside Parliament.