Thursday, December 11, 2014

So It Was Always Just Bullshit.

John Key gives three years notice, fights a general election on it and then legislates for it to happen.
A partial sell down of shares  to leave the state with 51% of the generating companies and Air New Zealand, the Socialists and rent-a-mob produced a constant stream of "sky will fall" garbage economic protest in the parliament, on the streets and with a totally compliant media that omits much of the facts except the entirely false premise that the rapacious National government were "selling the family silver".

Lianne Dalziel, realising her parliamentary career was stalled left early, creating a bi-election to replace her electorate sinecure to embark on what she saw as a higher profile position of Mayor of a city on its knees,
Along with a coterie of fellow socialists who knowing the toxic brand of Labour, ran for local council election on the "Peoples Choice" ticket and a plank in their policy promise was to never sell any of the city's "family silver".
That includes a retirement army of largely unemployable who operate  under a favored contract to deliver (?) services including roading, footpaths, water, sewerage, rubbish and other core services, called 'City Care'.
A monopoly Port Company,
An equally monopolistic Airport company,
Orion electricity company that grew out of the old Municipal Electricity Department,
An events and venue management company.

Now any thinking voter was under no illusions that Dalziel and her minions were anything other than NZLP in a cloak of obfuscation so what is happening now is no surprise, however the peasants who thought they knew what they were doing at the ballot box will need another brand next election because the "Peoples Choice" have just done the unthinkable and commenced to sell the family Silver.

Facing a budget hole that was first admitted at around $750 000 000, has a few months on, blown out to $1 250 000 000.
I know a million here, a million there, soon you are talking real money and as a ratepayer I appreciate the king size jandal,( somehow flipflop doesn't seem adequate) to hold rates down, however I would have thought honorable people doing a 180 degree, no make that several 360 degree wheelies, might have seen fit to consult the peasants who gleefully voted for the charlatan party  secure in the  knowledge that they would retain all the employment castles in the air untouched by the rapacious bastards, Key's mates, waiting to swoop.

For me I would sell the whole dam lot and concentrate on the knitting.

Now I was available to join the march last weekend as things were quiet in the fishing dept but imagine my absolute feeling of loss and disillusionment when the socialists adopting the hated and much maligned avaricious policy of Key and his rich prick mates and no march, no protest, not a bloody wimper.
Then I remembered, I had totally failed to consider  it is OK when socialists do it, sheesh losing my grip on reality eh.

Lianne Dalziel lies again who wudda thunk that.
Of course Princess Duplicitous, if  you had a smidgen of business acumen you would understand selling 49 percent precludes you maximising the potential value for the city in finally acting to sell the assets the city should never have owned in the first place.


The Veteran said...

Sometimes rhetoric comes back to bite with a vengeance and sometimes vengence is sweet.

Arrogant socialists.

Anonymous said...

Written rather well. Why haven't I seen any editorials in the dead tree press along these lines?