Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open House

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I can't help wondering when the media will learn the difference between a 'lone wolf' and a member of a death cult whose entire membership subscribes to the notion that it is OK to kill infidels.

Budgieboy said...

Actually Adolf the media has that lesson squared away pretry well I think. Just wait for the next big shooting in the USA, if the guy has links to the NRA or the Republican Party (or looks like he might) then you'll be struggling to hear the term lone wolf, EVER! Trust me, they will not go near it!

In that instance collective guilt, accusations and condemnations will be the order of the day, no such thing as a lone wolf when rightys might be involved.

Can't quite figure out the double standard myself.

Anonymous said...

The use of terms like "lone wolf" are intended by the msm to soften what is an Islamic atrocity.


Budgieboy said...

Exactly Anon! And you know what? I have no interest in attacking 'Muslims'... for god sake it's clear that there are millions upon millions of good decent genuinely peaceful Muslims but give me a break - this ridiculous aversion to debating the root cause of this terrorism is nothing short of crazy.

I have never ever heard the term lone wolf so many times in one day! How on earth can these guys (media) proclaim that with such certainty??? Have they trawled his emails, phone records, hard drives, financial data and recent movements?

No, they couldn't possibly have, the authorities will be right into it by now and as I've said elsewere today I actually do expect that this idiot scum acted alone but ffs this determination to isolate this guy from a disgusting violent ideology is bat shit crazy if you ask me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If this guy was a lone wolf, he comes from a very large pack of like lone wolves.

Anonymous said...

If this creep was just a demented 'lone wolf', why are the Sydney police out in record numbers, patrolling public areas.

No-one is fooled, yet the pretence must be kept up. And possibly for the next, and the next...

Mrs Danvers

Noel said...

They have to put up some label.
After all he didn't fit within the legal definition described in the Act.