Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One More Bit Of Irrefutable Evidence.

Just spent almost an hour on the corner of Fenton and Eruera streets in Rotorua and watched a procession of regional council buses pass by, some with only a driver, most with one passenger and after some thirty nice lime green public transport bad dreams, passengers exceeded buses by eight.
And that was skewed when one bus had a bunch of five, until that aberration it was barely averaging one passenger per bus.
Between 16 10 and 17 05 on the afternoon two days out from Christmas, it was for a rate payer and taxpayer, very trying in this time of good will, to observe such arrant waste of money, assets and resources.
Saving the planet my posterior, rickshaws would have been so much better.

I wonder how many could have walked and been better off for the exercise.

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