Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oi Ken, It Is Etcetera

Long time agitator and thicko who has caused much social angst and many taxpayer  dollars demonstrates yet again his confusion between his shoe size and his IQ.

On NZLPTV he rants about the Wanganui District Council's decision to go with Wanganui and leave the h to the Stoneagers who couldn't even write things down before missionaries stopped them  eating each other

You see in his lament about "elected" Councillors making a democratic decision that they will be forced to defend at the next election and suffer or enjoy the outcome, good old Kenny Mair went on about "excetera".

You complete pillock it is et cetera with absolutely no freakin x.

If you wish to debate how I pronounce the district name where my great uncle James Pettigrew lost his right leg high mid femur in a bush accident in 1919 please show me the courtesy of using my proud language with its rich mix of Latin, Germanic, Celtic and French with a bit of regard and respect.

Btw Mr Iwi Leader Ken Mair it was Wanganui for  uncle Jimmy with one leg, it was Wanganui when I played rugby, it was Wanganui when our family visited and participated in the NZPC Champs in the 1970s and it is still Wanganui for me today.

Maybe if you wish to mangle my first language wiff a freakin additional x then maybe you should just use the english alphabet letters and call your place Fonganui.

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JC said...

Are you sure he didn't say excreta?