Monday, December 1, 2014

It Is A Rort, Pure And Simple.

There is a serious commercial rort being exposed in Australian consumable marketing.

Islamist entities are taxing  many food and beverage products through Halal Certification involving millions of dollars in fees that are financing their rather dodgy activities around expanding their delivery of religion to the masses and more concerning, the radicalising of youth.

One complication with such garbage around creating such "safe" product, disappears when normal commercial practice in delivery and marketing destroys any such implied and taxed benefit.
Lamb slaughtered in a far less humane system to create Halal product is then completely negated when Pork product is transported and sold from shared chiller equipment.

Many shoppers are now boycotting any product carrying a so called Halal certification as publicity around the rort spreads.

Here in NZ , in the latter half of the 20th century, when attempting to open up markets in the Middle East to access the oil money, almost all our slaughtering facilities adopted a compromise killing process where the "Practising Moslem" Slaughterman cut the throat of a sheep or goat in a modified "chain" oriented at considerable costs to enable the approved blood letter to be facing Mecca, as decided by a consultant. As a sop to the requirements of Islam, the animal was first stunned electrically as the Halal requirement did not permit the previous neck breaking that a skilled slaughterman could accomplish in a millisecond bringing almost instant loss of consciousness to the animal. Now anyone with a modicom of understanding knows electric stunning has a variable outcome but the traditional throat cutting and snapping of the c vertebrae was as close to instant as possible.

The rort has now been exposed,  when costs and compliance are totaled as a financial benefit to Islamist institutions and post certification can be so easily tainted.
Sheesh even Vegemite, fruit juice, and many other opportunity product are now certified halal.


David said...

At the risk of provoking outrage, I have to say that the Jewish community have equally foisted considerable cost on the system in the form of fees for Kosher certification.

There are numerous (dozens of) "certification" marks and not all are recognised by various other sects (sub-communities) and a number of Rabbis from Manchester to New York have generated millions of dollars in Certification fees as they compete for recognition and the ability to extract fees.

The highest level is produced by the Orthodox community and is nicknamed "super-kosher". I am open to correction but super-kosher milk powder for example demanded a Rabbi accompanying the milk from the cow to the tin or bag including attendance in the milking shed and riding the tanker, the costs of course borne by the producer. A Rabbi from New York is also required to travel and sign off the Certification. That puts another 6 figure sum into the cost mix.

The need for certification is particularly important in the US if you are selling ingredients as (at least around the turn of the century) more than 40% of commercially sold foodstuffs in the US carry a Kosher Certification.

Also of interest is the fact that for Jewish and Muslim alike, the food rules are so similar that to a Muslim, Kosher certification is satisfactory to meet Halal requirements and most Jews will accept Halal as a substitute for Kosher.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, I doubt very much Jews would require kosher certification for plastic buckets under threat of having the manufacturer's exports to Israel stopped..