Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Think Ted Had Better Talent To Work With?

In 2007 in Cardiff,  Graeme "Ted" Henry coached the All Blacks to their worst ever world cup result in the years since an inaugural victory in 1987 with a quarter final disaster when France prevailed by  two points.

Now normally such a result would have seen the coach quietly executed with little public scrutiny.
Canterbury favorite Robbie Deans seemed to be the heir apparent, but the script was torn up and Ted was given a second chance with the ABs and Deans became a Wallaby.
Four years later in a home final his team scraped to a victory over the 2007 nemesis, France,  at Eden Park and the rewritten script ended with a win when whitebaiter 'Beaver' Stephen Donald kicked a penalty.
NZ 8 France 7.

September 20th 2014.
NZ National 60 NZLP 32

Last September Matt McCarten coached a very dysfunctional NZLP to their worst election result in nearly a century and following a whitewash preliminary inquiry Littles has reappointed McCarten to continue as his Chief of Staff and all the support staff including the very tarnished Greg Presland aka Micky Savage at the attack blog. 'The Standard', have likewise been retained.
As Audrey Young reports at the Herald.

Now does that indicate there is nobody else or is it, as suspected by many watchers, a significant departure from precedent.
So far only two casualties have been culled after what was a very winnable election for Cunliffe ended in electoral disaster, Mr c himself jumped before he was pushed and the belated departure of Moira Coatsworth as Party President was announced a few days ago.

Now maybe I am missing something but McCarten has a very troubled history in politics of the socialist left. He was a prime mover in the Alliance when The Troughmaster General took his ball and left the NZLP and that was hardly a spectacular manifestation of winners are grinners.
After flirting with the Melons Mr c made Matts the supremo for the war room and we are yet to discover if Matt was involved in the Hagar saga but on the surface the illfated "Vote Positive" seemed just a little too snug a fit with the way Hagar, Rawshark and whaledump all unfolded in the runup to Cunliffe's ride in the Tumbril on September 21 2014.

Maybe the shallow Puddle in the Carpark that serves Frazer House has dried up and the flounders are all sadly gone.
But the Union embrace of the NZLP has certainly been tightened and Helen Kelly is still waiting in the wings, on the left naturally.
Is it cynical to think this is a long game for a resurgence of union domination of the NZLP.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Never forget the Labour Party is the party of the unions. Without the Unions there is no labour party. The unions supply the money and the labour. So I welcome Labour's return to a position of honesty.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... 'Labour' and 'honest' are not two words one would expect to see in the same sentence.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Missed out the word relative before 'honesty.'