Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How Did That Happen?

The United Nations has no money to buy food for the starving millions, looks like they will be forced to apply for Welfare.

Just one moment Buster the whole bloody shambles is "Welfare".

Maybe now that plunge to disaster, where oil that is currently around $70 a barrel is being replaced by artificial fuels from grain based biomass might need a rethink.

What say you XXXX abnormal and jade adorned large womans clothes horse.
First up we will need an inquiry, then a massive legislative push to grow food grains, even milk might help
How about  maybe  you numpties just get out of the freakin way, the market might just solve the problem.


Edward the Confessor said...

You all right old fella? You seem more worked up and hysterical than usual today. Maybe a lie down and a cup of tea eh?

Gregory the Great said...

Well, T don't know. Maybe someone can understand what it's all about but I'm blowed if I can.

Gregory the Great