Thursday, December 4, 2014

Head and Shoulders

Not my words but those of respected political commentators at Trans Tasman who can be relied upon to put aside partisan views and tell it like it is.

They are describing the performance of PM John Key and Adolf can remember a time when they so described then PM Helen Clark.

"Key has stood head and shoulders above the rest in the polls, and his party romped home in its third election, the third time in a row it has added extra seats as well."
All of which goes to highlight the folly of  those who are squandering their valuable question time in parliament banging on about Cameron Slater.   All they are doing is giving him free publicity.  They fail to understand Slater will return their compliments in spades, when it best suits him and worst suits them.

Middle NZ is not interested in this nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

National a one trick pony...