Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Up until now I have been a regular subscriber to Colin James' column.   Going to have to rethink that after he named Winston Peters as his politician of the year .... Peters is not a shadow of his former self and now it appears the James has caught the same disease.

Peters started the year as a grumpy old man and finished it as a grumpy older man.   It is generally agreed his performance in the 'House' this year was sub-standard, contributing not much and achieving nowt.   Indeed, if Labour's vote hadn't collapsed so spectacularly then it is a moot point whether Winston First would have made it back into the House.   That they did is more a commentary on the bizarre nature of the election rather than anything to do with the man.

But what has really got me going is the assertion by James that he (Peters) has been "responsible in office and on national security issues".    Bullshit Colin.    In the recently concluded debate on the counter-terrorism legislation Winston decided to make common cause with the Greens and oppose the Bill.    One understands and accepts the Green's position.   Their response to the terrorist attack in Sydney would be to call a family group conference interspersed with the singing of kumbaya.

But rather than work constructively and responsibly as Labour did (at, I suspect, some cost to themselves) to gain concessions he chose to stand aside and confine himself to over the top rhetoric laced with references to Nazism in damning the Bill.    It was Labour who showed themselves to be responsible and due credit to them.   Peters stands condemned as a irresponsible populist.   Indeed, the words of Oliver Cromwell come readily to mind ... "you have sat too long for any good you have done lately".   True then and true now.     

Just how James came to his conclusion sure beats me and he is going to have to work hard in order to regain a modicum of credibility in my eyes at least.  



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ahhhhh. Colin James.

This is the lefty loon who some years ago proclaimed that because he did not vote he was politically independent.

pdm said...

I see in the local paper that NZFirst is backing the Ruataniwha Dam. That is probably the kiss of death for what is a very necessary, if poorly administered, water conservation project.

Anonymous said...

Look the circle jerk attack dogs are off the leash

Noel said...

...because he did not vote he was been politically independent..
If the purpose of a vote is to give a mandate the surely he is correct?

The Veteran said...

No Noel ... he blew it. On matters such as this he needed to take the wider view and work constructively to get the best possible result. Labour recognised that and put country before Party in doing so.

Peters doesn't do 'constructive'. He is the ultimate populist and will say and do anything to gain a headline. Populists tend to be wreckers rather than builders and Peters is a wrecker from way back. His way or the highway and no middle ground .... as Andrew Williams and Dail Jones found out to their cost.

The Veteran said...

To update ... Colin James and I have exchange 'words' re this post.

Colin claims that central to his decision to name Peters his politician of the year was the fact that "....critically, he has for two decades soaked up potentially destabilising populist tendencies in the electorate and stored them safely in a manageable place."

Hmmmmmmmm, maybe, but it is telling that Colin declined to comment on the thrust of my post that Peters was not to be trusted on matters of national security.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the opportunity to debate with him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

That sounds almost as stupid as claiming you are independent because you don;t vote.

Marc said...

"....critically, he has for two decades soaked up potentially destabilising populist tendencies in the electorate and stored them safely in a manageable place."

Lol, that is about as sensible as declaring Pol Pot was the politician of the decade - of course what Pol Pot stored up were the skulls and bones of his potentially destabilising populist opposition.

If you are going to deify any politician, surely they should at least possess some redeeming activity that actually benefits the people who pay for their representation.

Paulus said...

Did work with Colin James some 35 years ago - did not know he is still rambling.

Ron Marks is moving rapidly to take over from Winston before the next Election (if he makes it).
I hear from Wellington that another Clayton called Mitchell has already told everybody, in secret, that he is going to lead NZ First after Winston.

The Veteran said...

The Jones boy might have something to say about that in which case don't write that Party off .... Mark is another matter. No great substance.