Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas to my fellow contributors and to all our discerning readership.   This is a day for family and reflection.    To my family (and included in that is my Vietnam veteran family and especially Victor 3) can I say thank you for being there.   You mean a lot to me.

And reflection ... The good, the bad and the ugly.   We have much to be thankful for in NZL and sure, we can always do better (and in that respect can I say and acknowledge that most of our politicians from both the 'left' and the 'right' of the political spectrum are committed to that ... although their priorities may differ).  As for the ugly and, as crimdotcon found out to his shagrin, the electorate is more discerning than most people think.   Cant and hubris is recognised as such and dealt to accordingly.

Writing this from the beautiful and historic Copthorne Resort at the entrance to the Hokianga harbour.   Lovely day, the water is glassy, going to be hot hot.  The pool beckons.

To all of you.  Take care, may the future be all you want it to be and may your Gods go with you.

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