Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fraudulent Hoaxes

Why is it that every cause celebre taken on by Leftists turn out to be a fraudulent hoax?

  • They cite the American health system as 'terrible,' invoking all sorts of horrors for those unfortunates who have no health insurance.  One is given the strong impression thee people are left to die in the streets.  Is that true?  I don't think so.  I uunderstand that if an american citizen suffers a life threatening condition then treatment is immediate, with the state picking up the tab - as in NZand Australia.
  • Global Warming aka Climate Change is the largest fraudulent hoax ever perpetrated by mankind.  Not one skerrick of empirical evidence points to emissions of CO2 being a contributor to any long term or medium term increase in the earth's temperature.  The whole theory is based on flawed computer models using doctored data supplied by venal pseudo-scientists.
  • The Stolen Generation myth propagated by the Left in Australia is one of the most shameful hoaxes.  It is the notion that last century state governments instituted a policy of removing aboriginal children from their parents in order to eventually wipe out the Aboriginals by way of cross breeding.  Only trouble with this story is that it ain't true.  There is not one piece of ducumentary evidence produced to justify the claim for a 'stolen generation.'  In fact all the evidence shows the opposite.  Children were removed when there was an obvious threat to their safety from their own families.  That's it.  That's all.  Funny thing is, nothing has changed.  In the last ten years, of all the children removed from their parents in Australia, over 30% were Aboriginal.  The Aboriginal population might just scrape over 1% if you're lucky.
  • Child Poverty in NZ has to be the silliest hoax of all.  Visit Rio or Bangkok if you want to see child poverty in slums.  Little kids scavenging for food on huge garbage dumps.NZ has the most generous social welfare system in the world and if any child is living in genuine poverty then it should be removed from its parents.

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