Thursday, December 18, 2014

For The Indolent Indigent

The Cook went down to the supermarket the other day.

In the butchery section were some lovely pork chops for $14.00 per Kg.  Next door was a rolled shoulder boneless pork roast for $7.00 per Kg.

So,  she bought the pork roast and and Adolf sliced it up.

By hell, those pork chops  tasted good.


Anonymous said...

I have a personal rule. NEVER buy meat from a supermarket even if you need to travel a mile or two to visit a traditional butcher. The butcher will give you precisely what you want and not simply the portions the supermarket dictates, prices are frequently better, a good butcher will tell you where the meat was sourced etc…


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Supermarkets here must be different. We often chat with the butcher who runs the meat section. However, we ALWAS buy rump steak from the butcher down the road. Yearling Aberdeen Anus, hung for four to six weeks and sliced two inches thick. Magnificent.