Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DO THE CRIME .... FACE THE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we have a Kiwi banged up in Bali arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 1.7 kg of methamphetamine into the country.   By any measure that's a huge amount of 'P'. Not sure of how 'pure' the P is but note that back in 2010 when Australian Michael Sacatides was arrested with a similar amount of the drug in his possession it was assessed to have an estimated value of Rp 3.4 billion (1 NZD = 9,435 IDR).

The Indonesian justice system will take its course and while Mr Key may well make it clear to his Indonesian counterpart our opposition to the death penalty I suspect that will count for naught.   Indeed, it's almost impossible to argue that Antony de Malmanche should be treated differently from any other Indonesian national?     I can't and I won't.

If found guilty de Malmanche will probably face the firing squad.   Good riddance.    One has to wonder what effect it would have on the drug scene here if the purveyors of death and misery were to face the ultimate sanction.

p.s.   someone will correct me if I am wrong but I have it in the back of my mind that Indonesian law has it that the reverse onus of proof applies in cases involving drug trafficking with the defendant having to prove his/her innocence ... challenging task!!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow somewhat harsh, first off you dont even know if this man is guilty,secondly how horrible of you too say good riddance where is your compassion not only for mr de malmanche but his family and loved ones.we all know the indonsian system is corrupt take poor sharpelle corby for a instant,there was so much evidence that could off been used too free her but a blind eye was turned or destroyed by the indonsian police/system, i just hope that mr de malmanche gets a fair trial as he deserves