Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Opinion OK

There are recent stats claiming our child "poverty" rate has lowered slightly, almost two percent in fact.

Now that statistic is  very arbitrary and open to challenge on so many fronts.

I understand at present nz median household income is $50 000 that has the 60% poverty trigger at around $30 000.

lets play silly buggers and say a thousand American Millionaires along with  Bill and Miranda Gates all move to Parnell,  that will put more households into statistical poverty when the facts tell me there will be  work opportunities for gardeners, window washers, laundry workers, cleaners but with our income skewing working for families (thanks Michael, Helen and co)  poverty rates will grow inexorably because the median income figure will rise
Now if that household is within meters of a shopping center in say  Auckland housing costs will  consume a whole lot more of that 30k than say in Kaikohe.
Of course should that household in poverty move to Southland and  dad take a job on a dairyfarm, the income will more than double and housing costs could disappear entirely.
Hang on dad has buggered off when mum got pregnant, forgot about  that statistic.
Might need to buy  a few more clothes though if dad is still there and the move happens.

Then there is the fascinating contrast between child number 260 000 we will call Sue and child 260 001 who we will call Super, poor old Sue is in poverty while Super has everything a child desires.
Hang on again, back the van up.
Sue's industrious, cautious loving parents make ever effort to give him every opportunity to be
educated, well fed, well clothed and healthy, surrounded with loving care and encourage him to make every opportunity that offers count in his development.
Super's female "carer' has a succession of Uncles who beat the crap out of her at any opportunity, smoke dope, drink at every idle moment, there will be plenty of them, don't give a shit if she goes to school, buy junk food, when they get hungry and get designer clothes from last weeks uncle who moved out to secure Super's  mum's welfare benefits, housing supplement and emergency payment to repair the transmission on  another  uncle's V8, are not compromised. The truth is he just got sick of the home situation and moved on, as is his right enshrined in law.

OK so I am being shallow, indulging in stereotypes and even guilty of  beatups, but whenever yet another bleeding heart tire kicker comes out with another serial bleat about how hard things are and just another bunch of 'free' money will sort it all out, that is what happens to me and I make no apology for my cynical reactions.

Poverty my posterior, feral dropkick copulating subhumans living in a haze of substance abuse and ignorance being cuddled and supported on welfare waste by enablers who after an education have absolutely no idea.
Except it is all my fault and Lindsay Mitchell will make far more sense of it all than I have.

It is an opinion ffs.

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