Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Akaroa running out of water, pffft

Right up there with the "poverty" syndrome.

Because successive local authority muppetry and idiot behavior from people who;
a   cannot read signs,
b  have no understanding of the laws of hygiene, horticulture, physics and nature,
c  have a fetish about what clean actually represents
d just do not give a rodents posterior for the needs and rights of others.

During my brief sojourn in local government I proposed that every new dwelling consent and all other rebuilds of a major scale, there are many of those as" bachs' are converted to "holiday homes", should involve a serious water storage facility as part of the consent process.
It was shot down by the 'crats' as unworkable and fraught with health issues. Understand that all water permitted and supplied must comply with mandatory minimum safety edicts and once a storage system is developed beyond the mains then since  it would be possible to augment with rain water, there would be no way the "crats' could 'control' it.
Of course there was "an elephant in the room" in that many houses and cribs had a header tank in the ceiling and afaik there were no rules around capacity. A house we owned in the center of town had a 500 liter tank and with roof cavity summer temperatures possibly as high as 50 degrees plus, maintaining potable as a standard was likely potentially compromised. That never occurred to the crats though and with their ornamental ears the ravings of a geriatric elected member were only to be  regarded as amusing at best.

If every dwelling/bach had a 10k/20k liter storage tank under the inevitable deck, supplied through a simple restricted flow control to deliver a daily amount then the household supply and any garden watering via the storage, mains pressure would be so much simpler and easily maintained.

Our second shepherd general job after marriage in the 1960s, included a 3 br house connected to the county scheme at half a unit (nearly 1000 lters a day supplied and that through a 25 000 liter tank that formed a deck was more than adequate for a household including a couple of toddlers and an extensive garden. Tank level always in the top 90% range even when the county supply faltered.

Akaroa has a problem with water on around 10  days a year but with a bit of serious planning and management it is so easily solvable.
a A lawn does not need watering,
b A boat does not need to be washed everytime it emerges from the sea.
c One short shower a day is more than adequate,
d Dopey bastards do not have to have a tap running flat out when brushing teeth.

Last Easter, one of the potentially high use problem times for the village water supply, had torrential rain that caused much damage and led to the annual "Lions Club"  "Paddys Market" fundraiser cancelled, would have endured gazillions of liters of floodwater rushing headlong into the harbour and barely .00001% would have been captured.

Just another crisis in the tiny minds of those who govern us and the idiot media hacks who parrot the pressser raising an unnecessary fear rather than just ask around for what the truth might be.

Akaroa is only running out of common sense and personal responsibility.
Used with a mild conservation bent there would be enough water for five times the peak visitor/ resident population and that could include a few thousand off a cruise boat who only come ashore for a coffee and a couple of visits to the 'john'.


Jamie said...

I know I am banned here but HERE HERE!!!

Paulus said...

The America's cup venue Bermuda has no natural water. It is all rainwater unless there is a desalination plant now - when I worked there, some years ago, there was only rain collected from the roof.
33 sq miles of coral rock.

Noel said...

I don't see Council rates rebate to those who put in grey water recycling systems.