Thursday, November 27, 2014

Who's Counting?

Heard the Ginga Aussie Communist whinging yet again on the evil Nats geting donations to support their Political campaigns  on Newtalkzb Breakfast show

Guess what  comes up, yep taxpayer funding for fringe political movements with insufficient appeal to attract funding from donations of supporters.

Should taxpayer funding increase from the already significant levels that were exploited by the oh so innocent Melons when they manipulated the departure of Tanzcos, sidelining Delahunty and Ward to enable Norman to enter parliament and gain access to parliamentary Services funding for an upcoming general election as the penis equipped co- leader replacing Donald.

The case for increasing taxpayer funding for lobby groups masquerading as 'parties' will be slightly more palatable when a formula for counting volunteer activities is added to the mix
The trade union official who runs a parallel campaign funded by membership levies with no permission from the member with the intelligence to judge the beneficiary of such largess true worth and reject it.
The tree hugging perennial student already enjoying a state sponsored income campaigning for the Melons.
Public servants campaigning for their beloved socialists using paid work time and resources.
Mobilising beneficiaries to carry out leaflet drops in spite of the debilitating ailment that precludes active work or seeking same.

While the entrepreneur working every hour available to gain success, choosing to donate cash in lieu of valuable personal time will be required to account for such political involvement under threat of criminal prosecution for a lapse of accurate acknowledgment.

Cash is of minimal impact in political campaigns and can have a very negative outcome as demonstrated with the millions splurged by Herr Schmitz that had only one tangible outcome other than an orgy of hypocrisy when Nga Pui's ordained one was given his beans.

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