Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who Cares FFS?

Reports claim Laila Harre has stepped down as a  leader of the IMP.
That is NEWS?
What about the co-leader?
When was the divorce declared final?
Where was Hone?
Has the electoral expense return been filed?

Not quite a party but a vehicle designed purely to attempt to provide a roadblock to the possible extradition of a certain obese male who strategically splashed dubious dough about in the leadup to the Sept General election.

Yes the other half of the imp had existed, albeit as a personality cult that had managed to avoid electoral oblivion through a mix of racist tribalism and a culture of entitlement around a treaty signed over a century and a half ago as a mechanism to pacify tribes with no identity as a nation.

The internet portion of the abortion never really existed, however the money did.
Spurious talk of a "missing million voters", dissaffected youth and a further numberless vote that only needed to be activated amounted to zilch as the net result was to motivate possibly unmoved voters to make the effort and support the current administration.

Is it beyond reason for the MSM, even accepting it is terminal, to actually investigate what was in reality an open audacious attempt to subvert a fragile democratic process for personal gain?

Does any sane person actually give a rats posterior what a duplicitous, manipulative political nonentity does after a total rejection by an electorate.

The Nation, Q & A and now a publicised resignation, I repeat does anybody care?

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