Friday, November 28, 2014

Where Could It Be Fixed?

The Ginga Whinga is going to save us all, Utter Bollocks.

Using a prediction from the Environment Commissioner  today,that sea levels could rise by up to half a meter by 2050, XXXX embarks on another crusade to destroy our wealth creation with demands NZ seriously reduces carbon emissions immediately.

If NZ ceased creating CO2 next Monday it would reduce world emissions by less than 1%
 and it would be one hell of a task as rather uniquely, we produce most of our emissions from livestock metabolism.

Now Wussel one way we could make a serious contribution to your impossible dream would be to stop generating energy and heating from burning coal and natural gas and replace that source with modern nuclear plants.
I will not hold out any hope for that  signal to the rest of the world but that is a low emission solution to your imagined problem.

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