Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The lies we tell ourselves

Stuff reports:

John Key: No dirt has stuck to my office

Or, to put it in more pungent terms, yet again Key declares "Nah, that's not me pissing in your mouth" and his loyal supporters reply "If you say so, John (glug, choke)."

Just to recap:
1.  The report found no proof of collusion between Key's office and the SIS.  And it certainly is possible that Key's staff got Slater to make an OIA request just on the off-chance that Tucker would release "incomplete, inaccurate and misleading" information that made Goff look bad, and that chance just happened to come up.  Feel free to tell yourself that lie if it makes you feel better.

2.  The report found that Hager was absolutely right about Key running a two-tier programme, with him being kept clean while his staff orchestrated a vicious but plausibly-deniable dirty tricks campaign.

3.  Further, it found that the Prime Minister of New Zealand outsourced his vital role of overseeing the state's security apparatus to a National Party political appointee.

4.  Further, it found that Key's dirty-tricks employees have been breaching the Public Records Act by carrying out business affecting ministries using private email, for the express purpose of concealing that business from the public, and that they destroyed those communications to prevent the review being able to inspect them.

If NZ journalists have any competence whatsoever, Key will be roasted over a slow fire for weeks over this.  However, if experience is anything to go by, he'll continue to insist that black is white, a significant proportion of the population will believe him, and eventually the journos will give up in disgust.  We'll see.  The question is, how much do you enjoy having Key piss in your mouth?


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

But, but, but, Helen Klark gave a signed painting away for a charity auction but never painted it herself.

Anonymous said...

I think most Nat supporters are turning a blind "end justifies the means" eye to this because Phil Goff was the victim.

It's been equally breathtaking to hear him on every media outlet banging on about his "integrity" given his breaking of conventions to stitch-up Don Brash over that "Gone by lunchtime" misquote, and subsequent refusal to release the full notes of that meeting under OIA.

Plus whatever the breathless spin from Left-leaning circles, opportunistic personal score-settling isn't the National Party using the SIS to spy on the opposition.

Psycho Milt said...

Damn, I forgot one:

5. Further, it's now proven that Key was lying when he denied that his office was involved in Slater's OIA request.