Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Retards Know Better?

A company re-thinks its services and decides losing over a million a month on very low demand routes and bails.

That is basic economics numpties.

Now that Hone has been forced to  face the reduction in  the luverly perks,  Kaitaia is now uneconomic, who wudda thunk that.

I live in Akaroa and that is a choice, I have to share the rather ordinary State Highway 75 with increased tradie traffic, vastly increased tourist buses, and a legion of CCC employees doing god only knows and not an airfield in sight either now or in the future.
We are 90 minutes from CHC, it's just not fair and Amy Adams should be doing something about it.

Air NZ loses $50 bucks a passenger on the flying eggbeaters servicing Kaitaia, Westport and Whakatane. They will also be losing dough on other nice to have routes as well.

By road;
Kaitaia is 1.45 to Whangarei.
Whakatane is 1.15 to Tauranga.
Whestport is 1.45 to Hokitika.

The poor wee lambs.

All comparable to Collingwood/ Nelson, Hanmer/ CHC, Te Anau/Invercargill, Wanaka to Queenstown.
And Taumaranui/Taupo, Masterton/Whellington or Palmerston North, Kaikohe/ Whangarei.

Jesus wept. what part of losses do the commentariat miss.

Then there are the retards who want Whestport to go to Nelson, why, well they have no bloody idea,, The bimbo moaning that the Kaitaia people will have to travel to Whangarei over roads that are often flooded.

What part of a company attempting to remain profitable, do these retards not understand.

Plunket claimed because a couple of dozen troughers who probably dont even pay for their tickets are upset, Air NZ is on the skids.

Meanwhile poor buggers on the Wairarapa coast will be rated to subsidise public servants travelling to Downtown Welly from Upper Hutt via a totally uneconomic clapped out train while being paid a  salary over 100k.

I guess the three Mayors will just take ratepayers hard earned and subsidise those who choose to live in the sticks and expect the services to be kept just for them.

Here is a thought Plunket, there were nearly 4 000 000 who didn't bother to caall you but there was the odd smart person who pointed out the facts to you and they just didn't rate.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I always did wonder if the black bastard's air travel was enough to fund a whole airline. Guess I've got the answer now!

Anonymous said...

I think the point really is the Airnz royally screwed every small airline so far in the past and in doing so bought out their rivals in these routes. Given they did that an appropriate penalty is fine. The should never be allowed to compete against the small guys again. They also encouraged Airports to modernise on promises of ,ore planes and travel.Sadly the rate payers in these places got stung.
Air nz is a commercial terrorist in its home country and the sooner someone else owns it the better.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Someone else already owns it. A myriad of shareholders, who expect a profit.

Tinman said...

Whestport is 1.45 to Hokitika.


pdm said...

Whakatane is probably closer to Rotorua airport - about an hour I think.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman, I used google travel times, point taken.

@ pdm you may be right.

Chris said...

Tinman, have you driven that road. Westport to Greymouth is 1hour 10 minutes, and Hoki is a good 30 minutes.
The Westport to Greymouth road might be only 100 ks but it is a very slow road.

The Veteran said...

I was, until a few years ago when we moved from Victoria Valley to Paihia, a fairly regular user of the Kaitaia-Auckland Air NZ Link service. It was unusual to find the aircraft more that a third (6 persons) full.

Bay of Islands Airport at Kerikeri
is only an hour away by road (88k) and with eight flights in/out each day is a much more attractive option. Most flights are near capacity. Flew into K2 last Friday. Plane was a 50 seat Bombardier Q300. It was chocker.

If, as Air NZ sez, the changes will lead to a reduction in fares, that will be welcomed. My 35 minute flight K2 to Auckland costs about as much as Auckland Sydney.