Thursday, November 27, 2014


The vitriol that one sees from the extreme Left side of the political divide continues to amaze but not suprise.   Take this little gem from a Messina N Aaron Carter posted on the Internet Party Facebook page .... "Why he got reelected puzzles me and prob 100's of others too, wouldn't it just be a hoot if their next Headlines read 'John Key Assassinated' ... Sometimes I wish wishes really did come true."

Not much more to be said except with a name like that it shouldn't be too difficult for the DPS to track that person down to go on their 'watch' list.

Reminds me of the incident in the early 1990's when that paragon of virtue and poster girl for the hard Left of NZl politics, Pam Corkery, said on her talk show and referring to Ruth Richardson that we would all be better off if she was dead.   I took a complaint to the BSA over that which was upheld.   Corkery was forced to broadcast on on air apology and write a formal letter of apology to RR.   I still have a copy of that letter ... written on the shonkiest typewriter she could find c/w numerous spelling mistakes and very bad grammar, it was the perfect faux apology from a nasty piece of work who didn't mean a word of it.

Even our 'nice' Mr Holden doesn't come close to that.

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