Monday, November 17, 2014

Open House

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Jamie said...

So we can help destroy ISIS in the middle-east but they are protected species in NZ, just like them paedos...

What gives???

Who is gonna be guarding the soldiers families while they are deployed???

The SAS are our best!!!

They deserve better than this garbage!!!

The Veteran said...

Jamie ... the operative word in the report was 'could' as in "New Zealand's elite Special Air Service (SAS) could be deployed to Iraq to protect Kiwi troops sent to train local forces" ... along with "Highly trained regular forces could also be an option".

It is entirely right and proper that the NZDF would present the Government with a range of options including the pros and cons that attached to each option.

Service families do not need to be 'guarded' as you so quaintly put it. That implies them being herded together behind barbed wire somewhere. Normal security procedures will be applied with the Police force as the first port of call backed by GCSB and the SIS whose job it is to monitor the crazies out there who might contemplate doing something stupid.

In that context I note you have previously railed against the GCSB and the SIS joining Norman and the Gucci Sheila. I have to wonder what part of the 'real world' don't you and them understand.

Jamie said...

I wish I had the same faith as you in Government agencies...

Guess they missed that one...