Sunday, November 16, 2014


Most of us 'normal' people don't get to have a say on who is to be the next Labour Party leader although, such are the rules that govern how they elect 'il Duce', if I had bothered to pony up $10 or whatever I could have been in there boots and all exercising my right albeit as a Hoary Tory or even as a part Tory Hori ....  I digress.

But I find it interesting, as an observer of the body politic, to note how those with a vested interest in the outcome of the contest see things .... some of their comments are both insightful and instructive.

From the Dim-Post ...  If I was a Labour voter I’d worry less about ‘who I’d like to have a beer with’, or which faction they championed, or even whose policies and values I identified closely with, and more with which of them has the qualities to fix the deep, structural problems within Labour and turn it into a modern professional party.

From Tinikori ... Little is the only candidate with experience of running a large and successful voluntary organisation, the EPMU. It’s a no-brainer to ask him to transform a small and unsuccessful voluntary organisation.

From Unaha-Closp ... The party has marginalised the caucus. They’ve split, disunified and weakened the caucus by making leadership dependent on the Left wing factions – the membership and the unions. The caucus should have much more power within the party, because the caucus are representatives of the voters. The voters dwarf the membership, yet they are of same voting weight. It is a ludicrous system designed and implemented to favour the Left.

By Phil on Mahuta ... Also awful on Radio Hauraki breakfast show last week. Yes, it’s a joke radio station hosted by Newsboy and Martin Guptill’s missus, but Mahuta showed absolutely no situational awareness. She didn’t seem to grasp the concept that breakfast radio could be something other than Sean Plunkett asking the serious questions of the day.

From SGH ... No-one involved in the Labour leadership contest or the post-election review is an A player. You think Gould has the foggiest idea how to win an election? What on earth makes him qualified to comment on what Labour needs to do differently?

So what are we to make of all of this.   Mahuta, trading on her name and colour.   Widely seen as Parliament's laziest MP.    In the 'race' because?   Her second preference votes will be crucial and should favor Little.   Little, beholden to the the Unions as their man.   More left than center.  Two time electorate candidate loser.  Robertson, beltway politician and champion of Labour's Rainbow faction.  Like Little, more left than centre.   Party activist favourite.   Parker, architect of Labour's economic agenda with more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.   Supposedly business friendly. Questionable personal ethics.   Caucus favorite.  Candidate for a personality transplant.

And who would I have voted for if I had ponied up the dosh and become one of them?   Why, that nice Mrs King from Rongatai of course.   Since becoming Labour's mouthpiece she has hardly put a foot wrong.   These four leave me cold and, while 2017 will be no walkover, a four term National led government has to be on the cards.  

On Tuesday all will be revealed.    


pdm said...

I think Mahuta is also trading on her gender.

Anonymous said...

Ms King comes across as severyones fav grandma however a certain issue involving ex mp darren hughes, a swiss ball, and a freaked out naked 18 yr old flagging down the cops after running from her house tends to suggest maybe the grandma persona is as fake as red riding hood's grandma.


SHG said...


Jamie said...

Stuart Nash is Labours man in my opinion...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Little has been chosen. Off all the contenders he probably has the most ability and credibility.

Mahuta looks as though someone tried to paint lipstick onto a Northern Territory water buffalo.