Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not Guilty!

No surprise to me, one of my favorite Politicians  has been cleared by Justice Lester Chisholm after an inquiry into any involvement in undermining SFO chief Adam Feeley who held his position under her minister of Justice role.

Feeley was not immune from his own stupidity and some bloggers wanted him held to account.

Judith regains her title of Honorable and rightly so,
Now Mr Key, reinstate one of  the people who have given the aura of strong government in your hold on power back into the executive and put the whole attempt to destroy her by Robertson, Schmitz, the Melons and all the other treacherous pricks who seem to have no limits on what is  acceptable in the war that is politics, into perspective.

What Judith has endured in over a year of sustained and totally undeserved attacks on her professionally and personally is indescribably nasty.

That was and still is real "dirty politics".


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When the scalp they thought they had was not a scalp.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

But she hasn't been cleared - in JK's mind - of stupidity and sloppiness. That's what matters.

This is why she will continue to remain a radioactive prospect in any ministry led by Key. Oravida, the Bradford smears, acting as the "Whale Tipline" are all actions so deeply inappropriate, amateurish, unbecoming of a cabinet minister and foolish, Key is not stupid enough to hold a skerrick of faith in her ever again.

pdm said...

The National Front Bench will be all the better for having Judith Collins back on it.