Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Not The Mousetrap.

But been running for a whole lot longer is "Dirty Politics".

The Mousetrap is a monumentally successful Westend of London Stageplay running continuously since 1952.
Dirty politics has been running since the genre began.

The Rat trap was a production of
A socialist claiming a desire to establish a leftwing blog sought Cameron Slater's assistance in establishing "Slightly Left of Center" as a more palatable offering than the rather extreme Dailyblog and The Standard.
Slater was open and helpful but suspicions led him to set a test and lo and behold the trap closed when good old Auntie Annie aka Annette King, gave the bait to little lardy Megan Woods and the trapped animal was one Josh Foreman.
Dear old Auntie Annie, you might remember her as the landlord and ultimately protector of Vunderkid Darren Hughes who has been skulking in hiding following an unsavory evening that ended with a naked man running down the street to escape Hughes.

But you will not read about this or hear it from the sycophantic MSM, the truth will out as the net closes on the tawdry events around the stolen emails of Cameron Slater.
Dirty Politics is possibly a challenger for the oldest profession and those nice people in Labour along with their enablers The Melons will have many questions to answer if the MSM discover the truth is bigger than their precious socialist agenda, discover the jar their balls are stored in and start revealing the true story.

Popcorn futures could be attractive as a hedge.

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Psycho Milt said...

Slater's recently spent weeks telling journos he tends to make things up and shouldn't be taken literally. Are you offering some kind of postmodernist critique in which we're to guess whether you're taking Slater at his word about being a bullshit artist and writing this as satire, or treating the earlier claims about being a bullshit artist as bullshit and taking him at his word on this? I hope not. I hate postmodernist criticism - it sucks.